Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Atlas Purveyors in Boulder: Coffee, Tea, and Nosh

Although we didn't get to experience the "nosh", Kent and I tried both the coffee and tea. Here's what I have to say...

*stop the Coda!!! seriously, it is in so many places now that it might as well be starbucks coffee.
*i felt left out of the loop without a computer and a college paper to write. go CU!
*the atmosphere was OK, not great. Very modern with cute marketing, but then these super ugly chandeliers that are from the 1980's and a funky colored wall that didn't match the rest of the building.
*loved the chalkboard wall!
*the chai (which I'm guessing they make themselves, although I didn't ask) was amazing! Not for your average chai drinker, but super spicy and more for the tea drinker. It was delicious and very unique.

On average, I would not choose this shop to hang out in unless I was a student or a chai addict. 5.25

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