Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Atlas Purveyors in Boulder: Coffee, Tea, and Nosh

Although we didn't get to experience the "nosh", Kent and I tried both the coffee and tea. Here's what I have to say...

*stop the Coda!!! seriously, it is in so many places now that it might as well be starbucks coffee.
*i felt left out of the loop without a computer and a college paper to write. go CU!
*the atmosphere was OK, not great. Very modern with cute marketing, but then these super ugly chandeliers that are from the 1980's and a funky colored wall that didn't match the rest of the building.
*loved the chalkboard wall!
*the chai (which I'm guessing they make themselves, although I didn't ask) was amazing! Not for your average chai drinker, but super spicy and more for the tea drinker. It was delicious and very unique.

On average, I would not choose this shop to hang out in unless I was a student or a chai addict. 5.25

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kind Coffee in Estes Park

It's the Kind of place I'd like to own someday. They are locally owned, not into expanding on every corner, and stick to their guns when it comes to their values. Kind coffee is located at the beginning of the main drag on the left side, just a few doors down from Starbucks, and right next to a delicious Mexican restaurant called Ed's Cantina. All of their coffee is organic and fair trade certified, and they roast all of their beans in micro-batches. They also have a lot of fun swag, which I am always tempted to purchase.... this time it was a little coin purse that said, "coffee, the last cheap drug" that won my heart. Back to the coffee, every blend I've had has been consistent and tasty, the baristas are trained well in the art of espresso, although not so much in the category of coffee bean knowledge. I asked one of the girls working what the "Estes Park" blend was made up of, and no one behind the counter knew the answer. That made me sad, but alas, I still love the coffee. When you head up to Estes Park this year, be sure to make this a must on your list of stops. Of course, it's especially wonderful if you are up there in the colder months - October was the perfect time to go, with the Aspens a gorgeous shade of yellow and the cool mountain air just right for a warm, favorite sweater. Kind has a patio to enjoy the clear water from the stream running through Estes Park, also, so make sure to get something hot to warm your hands. This is the epitome of Colorado, everything it should be and the reason I chose it as my home! 9.0

Monday, October 25, 2010

Solid Grounds is Solid Goodness

I feel that I am a pretty good judge of coffee shops, as I visit more than my fair share. So, when I say that this coffee shop was as close to a 10 as I've seen in a long time, I think it's pretty accurate! Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. The shop is in a run down strip mall behind the McDonald Automotive Hyundai dealership on Broadway, just north of Arapahoe Rd. But I had a coupon, so I decided to check it out. It was SO COOL! The art on the walls, the antique coffee paraphernalia, the pastries from a local bakery, even the bathrooms were nice! It was cozy, but big enough to hold several groups of people, lots of comfy couches and chairs, and the staff was super helpful and smiley. I would venture to say that this is my new favorite coffee shop in Denver, or at least in South Metro Denver (I still have a lot more to try). OK, so all of this was just upon walking in the door. After further investigation, I realized that this was originally a Highlands Ranch coffeehouse run by several non-profit organizations that had gone through a transition into a thriving business. I also discovered that about 5 years ago, this was the coffee shop that offered me a full-time management position that I turned down in favor of Starbucks... what was I thinking?! I know that 5 years ago, it wasn't the right time to take over a small coffee shop in the middle of a big transition, but as you may guess, when I learned that I could have been a part of this sweet space, I had a twinge of regret running through my mind. Oh well, I will have to settle for just hanging out and enjoying the ambiance, the great service, and the swell coffee. Give me a call and let's meet for coffee at Solid Grounds, I think you'll like it! Oh, and by the way, if you have a Chinook Book (kind of like an Entertainment Book for us granola folk) there is a coupon for a free drink. See you there! 9.5

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Wooden Spoon: What do YOU think of?

I don't know about all of you, but to me the wooden spoon meant a big bad spanking right on my tush! We no longer practice corporal punishment in my house, but I was pretty sure the wooden spoon was not just a dirty word for me growing up, but for thousands of children with mental scars of that darned spoon splintering as it hit their bum.... so when I saw a little shop off of 32nd in the Highlands by that name, I was intrigued. Upon entering the cozy place, I was immediately put at ease, they were certainly not selling spankings, but were in fact a coffee shop and bakery. We ordered our coffees, and spent about five minutes deciding on which pastry to have (there were so many yummy choices). Some of you may know that I worked in a bakery for about a year, and while I retained more than my fair share of calories, I also retained a little knowledge. I'm certainly not an expert, but I know my pastries pretty well, and knew immediately that these were the kind worth savoring. Anyway, I chose a pecan sticky bun and my usual americano to drink. Kent (the huz) chose a decaf latte (don't even get me started on the decaf thing) and a chocolate croissant. All of the pastries are made fresh in the bakery, and the shop is open so you can watch, which is always a mouth-watering experience. They also seemed to know their way around an espresso machine, although their choice of coffee didn't sync with mine (Coda Coffee: good sales team, not so good roasting team). My americano was fair, and Kent was disappointed with the latte, however, the pastries were delicious! So, I will give this coffee shop a 6.5 overall, a little lower than I would like because their pastries are so good, but after all, I am a coffee lover, and need to get over the sweet tooth! Check it out, and don't be scared, your tush is safe.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fabulous Advertisement from the 1950's!

Can you imagine? Good thing The Funky Brewster sticks to more contemporary values!